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Environmental Policy.

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 environmental policy



Going Green is more than just making promises.
It takes commitment and planning.

And here at Jarvis Print, we’re committed to environmental planning.

In an energy-hungry business of print production, where paper, ink, chemicals,
water and metals all have a role to play, Jarvis Print takes its environmental
responsibilities seriously.

We start by minimizing our power usage, by careful energy management and full insulation.

We take steps to minimise environmental effects. Waste reduction, recycling and
re-use of materials are already integrated into every stage of our production process.

And where possible, we choose the greener option - such as recycled paper and plastics, mileage-saving delivery schedules and even discussing the possibility of sharing our customers’ own Carbon Offset schemes.

During 2008 and beyond, we aim to develop our Environmental Policy and broaden our
philosophy of reduce, re-use and re-cycle across all aspects of the business. It’s all part
of keeping Jarvis Print green.